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Ludum Dare 28: Ocean and Bodies

Ocean and Bodies is a game about a bird who wants fish. Life, commitment, hardship and other deep stuff. In other words, it has no plot because I decided to focus on mechanics early on.

Well, I ended up changing a lot of things over the course of 24 hours. I basically chickened out on what I said in my "I'm in" post. I have had a hard time finishing stuff in past LD and I decided finishing this one was my top priority, so I adapted the technical details of the game as I needed to.

 Ludum Dare


A Hotline client written in Qt featuring Shift-JIS support and other stuff.

The Obsession Hotline client aims to be a modern alternative for Windows users. It supports Shift-JIS encoding for Japanese users or for browsing Japanese servers. It is written using Qt and although porting it to other operating systems should be trivial, right now it only works on Windows, as there are other much better alternatives for Mac OS X in development: